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How to Sell Crafts Online – Secrets of making crafts make money for you

Are you creative? Do you like making stuff with your hands? Well, if you answered yes to both of these questions then this post is just for you. In the post I will explain How to sell crafts online and go over some ways I make online with crafts.

So let’s begin…..


First off, you will need a product/ craft to sell, this can anything. Here is are a few examples

– The left one is an earring holder I created to hold my earrings, it is a square frame wrapped in burlap and I added seashells with hot glue.

– The middle one is a decorative piece I bought at a craft sale, the blue glass ball caught my eye.

– The right one is a rectangle mirror I bought and added seashells and sand to spice it up a bit.


So… now you have a craft, let’s get it out there!!


Build Your own Website

I really believe this is the best way to market online because at any given time there 3 billion potential buyers online.

I know what you are thinking…. I have no idea how to build a website. Building a website is easy nowadays, its not like the early days of the internet where you had to add a bunch of code and had to be real computer savvy to create a site. It is so much easier now with the platforms that are set up, basically if you can turn on a computer then you can build a website.

Steps to build a website

1) Find a platform to build your site with, it is important that platform will host your site and has support / help with-in the platform. When I was looking for a platform to create and host this site you are on I did a lot of research looking for the best platform to use (price, good reviews, lessons, support) and what I found to be the best platform to use was Wealthy Affiliate because I saw nothing but good reviews and it had a “Try before You Buy” feature (very important to me).


2) Create a Domain Name, this is name ( ex. is my domain name). My advice with domain names is try not to make it really long. You want to make sure that your domain name reflects you site/ business.

Once you have an idea of your domain name next step is to check if its available; you will be able to do this easy at Wealthy Affiliate (not sure with other platforms). If your domain name is available then you want to buy it ($5 to $20 depending on the platform) so that YOU own it and it is yours forever; I think my domain name was $12.


3) Build Your Site This is the fun part (at least it is to me) because you get to be creative and hey you like being creative because after all you are building a craft website. The platform you use should have many pre designed lay-outs (website templates) to use, this makes it really easy to build the site.

I recommended looking at other sites to get ideas for your site, most of the time at the bottom of the home page it will have the template name that is being used for that site. WA has thousands of templates in the platform to choose from, they also have “step by step” lessons with videos on the whole website building process.


4) Add Content to Your Site So, you have the foundation of the site created now its time to decorate the inside. We do this with “Content” this is what search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo) look at when ranking a website and we want to be ranked because Rank = Traffic and Traffic = Money.

Your content could a Product page, Product Review post, Blog, How to post, etc. Content in my opinion is the most important part of the site. WA has a great lesson on this topic.






These four steps will get you going on selling crafts online. The main thing is with any business is to put in the time and to stay focused, nothing comes easy in my opinion. What helps me are setting goals short and long term and carrying out those goals.

Making money via your website WILL take so time, it took me a 2 months before I started making money but during that time I was focused on building content for my site (reviews, posts, blogs, etc) and before long I was getting ranked with Google and the traffic started flowing, that should be your main goal is to get “Free Traffic” through search engines and that happens with CONTENT.


Social Media Marketing

OK, you have a site and you have your products and some keyword rich content on your site. A great way to boost the traffic is via social media, Facebook, InstaGram, Tweeter, Google+, etc are all great avenues for this.

Now you don’t want do this the wrong way, what I mean by this is don’t come off like a salesman; no one likes a pushy salesman.

I like to post something about my site on social media and try to “engage” the audience by asking a question (ex. What do you think about this product? Would this be something you would use?).

The more engagement you have to your site the better rankings you will get from the search engines. On all my content I have comment boxes below for viewers to leave comments and I always reply ASAP (24 hours or less) because engagement is VERY important, it builds trust and trust is key for your “brand”.

I encourage feed back on all my posts, I usually write “if you have any questions or have something to add please leave a comment and please give us a “like” or a “share”. This will get engagement going and intern will build trust.

Online Stores

I don’t use this practice to be honest because there is normally a transaction fee in most cases but I know a lot of people who do very well with this.

Here are a few online stores out there …..

– Esty


– Offer Up


I like to keep my business centralized and with having everything with in my website just makes life easier for me but that’s just me. This is your business and by no means do I want to steer you away from making money, if you feel this is a great avenue to sell your products, then go for it.

Final Advice

The most important part of any business is to have a plan and to understand who you costumers are. The business will be successful if there is good plan in place and if you have goals and stay focused on those goals, building your brand Will take time there is no way around that.

If you follow the content above you will have a great chance in building a solid brand and generate revenue with that brand. Just remember there are 3 billion people online and you have a great product / service to give deliver to them. Stay focused and the sky is the limit!!

If you have any questions or would like to add to this leave me a comment below.

Give us a “like” or “share” below if you thought this was helpful.


Best of luck,

Tanya Louvier





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