Handmade Jewelry Making – Tools & Supplies

Here at we are about helping to make the jewelry making experience as easy and as fun as possible. I would like to share with you the tools and supplies needed to get started with the handmade jewelry making process and I have added links below each image so you can purchase the tools and supplies needed to get started right away.



Jewelry Making Tools Needed

When first starting out you won’t need to many tools to make beautiful jewelry. I have a list of the most commonly used tools for making handmade jewelry.


 FLUSH CUTTER aka WIRE CUTTER    – this tool is used for cutting the wire (gold, silver, stainless , etc). Odds are you probably have a pair around your house right now.





  • ROUND NOSE PLIERS – this tool is used for bending or manipulating the wire, I also use it for loop making. This round nose pliers is a MUST have I use it almost every time I make earrinngs .






BENT NOSE PLIERS– this tool is used for getting to the tight spaces and tough angles. I recommend the MINI pair ; smaller the better






NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS– this tool is used for tight spots as well also for opening and closing rings and clamps. I personally use this tool a lot for opening and closing jump rings. 







DREMEL MOTOR TOOL– this tool is NOT a must have but I make a lot of handmade shell jewelry and I have to drill holes in the shells. A diamond bit is needed for drilling through any shell ; add water to the bit to reduce dust and heat. Always wear a face shield!







  • MANDREL– this tool is used for making earring hoops, sizing rings or just shaping wire. I use this a lot for making hoops for my earrings exactly perfect (great tool).






Jewelry Making Supplies


18 GUAGE WIRE– I use this wire for making bracelets, it is a thick wire and very durable.










  • 20 GUAGE WIRE– I use this wire for making my earring hoops, it bends easy and is durable as well.








  • 22 GAUGE WIRE– I use this wire for wrapping, sometimes I have shell and I incorporate a design on it like a wave, the 22 gauge is perfect for wrapping. (NOTE- higher the gauge thinner the wiring)








Designing is my favorite part of making jewelry, I get ideas from all over. I could see someone with a nice pair of earrings at the grocery store or the bank and then the next thing I know I have my own pair I have made.

When you are designing or looking for ideas ; get creative. I will sometimes find ideas by watching a sunset or by viewing nature (butterflies, dragonflies, etc). I love the ocean and a lot of what I make is inspired by that (shells, waves, fish and so on) . The most important thing is to have fun with the design process and think outside the box.

When you get an idea draw it out even if you are terrible at drawing ; this makes a world of difference for me. Drawing it out 1st off will give you a template to work off of and it will immediately let you know if the piece is worth making and will save you $ on materials if it is not. I personally am horrible at drawing but I am able to create the out line and know if it worth going any further.



Jewelry Making

When first starting, start simple by making hoops earrings. Try to make the hoops exactly the same by using the mandrel it is a great tool for making both hoops the exact same. Once you are comfortable with that add to the hoops (shells, beads, etc). I recommend that you pick a piece you like off this site and try to make it yourself after that , then you should be comfortable using the tools.

I found a lot of helpful videos on YouTube that helped me thru during my early days of jewelry making such as techniques of the trade. I will use YouTube to this day to find better ways for making the jewelry.



Final Words

I would have an idea and I would play and keep doing it until I was happy with it. After lots of practice and a lot of time I’ve become better and better at it. Do I still have things I need to learn, of course. I still continue to keep challenging myself, but I love what I do and I enjoy every bit of it. So…. You’ll never know if you are going to be able to make it until you try. So dust off your creativeness and give it a go!!

I hope this gets you on your way to making handmade jewelry, there is a lot of fun and rewards to jewelry making. Like anything practice makes perfect and if you are not happy with something you are working on ; start over and try again but never give up. There will be times you get frustrated but be tough and work through it ; nothing good comes easy!

I wish you all the best in this fun and exciting industry there is nothing better than creating something that other people like and buy. If I have taught you anything I hope that I taught to help others and to share the knowledge. I could not do what I do without help from others and that is a fact. Knowledge is power and sharing is caring, so once you learn this art please spread the art to others.

If you have any questions or concerns please comment below of feel free to email me 

Mahalo (thank you) Aloha (hello or good bye),

Tanya Louvier







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