Fireworks Beginner’s Beadmaking Kit – Review- Bead Making Jewelry Kit for Beginners

Hello, in this review I am gonna go over the details and the pros and cons of this product. I will explain all the details and give my rating on the product as well.

This product is used in Glass Blowing and making handmade jewelry beads.

So let’s begin!




Fireworks Beginner’s Bead-Making Kit


Product # – FW632

Product Dimensions– 14.8 x 3.6 x 17 Inches

ASIN– B000C11SD0

Contents– Step by Step instructions, self igniting torch head, 12 mandrels, mapp gas canister holder, 2 piece marver set, rod scrubber, 14 x 17 in HEAT RESISTANT WORK STATION, 4 oz bead release (contains crystalline silicate which are known in California to cause health issues), 15 Italian glass rods ( 12 inches long in a secure 15 1/4 x 1 3/8 hanging tube with removable rubber cap ends, fiber blanket to cool down beads ( contains refractory ceramic fibers- possible human carcinogen), manuel with 2 1/2 minute DVD on making glass beads

Warranty– (I Was not able to find a Warranty)


4 out of 10


– Quality glass rods

– inexpensive starter kit

– DVD instruction video



– Bead release sometimes fails

-NO safety goggles

-Instructions not to detailed

-Self ignite is not the best quality

– Warranty (I was not able to find one)


Best Price


Glass blowing can be very expensive as there are a lot of components needed ( torch head, gas, tools , etc) and this kit has almost everything needed to get your feet wet in this hobby; however, the parts in this kit are not of the highest quality but for the price I feel it is a good deal for you to decide if you’d like to pursue this hobby further

I don’t like that I wasn’t able to find any warranty info and that the kit doesn’t provide safety goggles (very important in my eyes ; haha not pun intended).

Also, it seems there is some potentially harmful materials associated with this kit, which I am not a fan of.

I hope this has helped to give you some info on this product.

If you think this product is right for you then CLICK HERE to buy it.

If you have any questions or more to add to the review please comment below.


Best regards,

Tanya Louvier



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