Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool – Review- A Must Have

In this  review I will go over the details and give my thoughts of the Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool.

So, let’s begin!!


Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit – Corded

Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit - Corded


Model– 4000-2/30

Part #– 4000230

Weight– 4.4 lbs

Package Dimensions– 13.9 x 9.4 x 4 inches

Color– Black

Style– Rotary Tool

Power Source– Electric

Voltage– 120 Volts

Amps– 1.6

Speeds– Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM; easy-to-understand speed dial features

Warranty– 2 Years

Includes– Circle cutter/straight edge guide and sanding/grinding guide. Carving/engraving: 191 high speed cutter.

Cutting- 420 cut-off wheel (x2), 426- fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel (x2), 561- multipurpose cutting bit.

Grinding/sharpening: 541- aluminum oxide grinding wheel, 84922-silicon carbide grinding stone, 932- aluminum oxide grinding stone.

Cleaning/polishing= 428- carbon steel brush, 414- felt polishing wheel, 421- polishing compound, 429- felt polishing wheel.

Sanding: 407- 1/2 inch sanding drum, 408- 1/2 inch 60-grit sanding band (x2), 432- 1/2inch 120-grit sanding band (x2), 445- 1/2 inch 240-grit sanding band (x2), 411- 3/4 inch 180-grit sanding disc (x3), 412- 3/4 inch 220-grit sanding disc (x3), 413- 3/4 inch 240-grit sanding disc (x2). Miscellaneous: 401- screw mandrel, 402- mandrel, wrench. Case




I give this Tool a 9 out of 10


– When you buy this tool it comes with a lot of accessories

– The variable speed is a great feature

-The 2 year warranty

– The easy twist nose cap

– The comfort grip

– High speed with low torque

– Great price

– All previous Dremel Rotary tool accessories will work with this one


-Not Battery powered


The Best price



I absolutely love this multi tool, It has so many uses from cutting bolts, sanding in tight spots, polishing metal, engraving, drilling. It is a MUST have for you garage or shed.

The high speed it produces is great, you don’t need to apply pressure; the tool does All the work.

I use mine for drilling holes and polishing shells for my hand made jewelry, I have mine for a while now and I have put a lot of miles on it; not once have I had any issues with it. I HIGHLY recommend this tool!


If you any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below


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