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My name is Tanya and I moved to the North shore of Oahu, Hawaii back in May 2015 and every day has been magical ; beautiful sunsets, awesome people and perfect weather. I got in the jewelry making industry via my neighbor, I commented on a piece she was wearing and she told me that she made it herself and that she was going to make another piece and when she did I watched and was blown away. I was immediately hooked because of how simple the process was, that evening she wrote down a list of materials and websites of where I could purchase the goods; I bought everything I needed and I was on my way making jewelry. I am not gonna lie the first few earrings I made were a bit challenging due to the fact you have to make them identical and I am a perfectionist; so that added to the challenge and made it time-consuming but once I got my system down its was not as challenging.


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The reason I want to help you and everyone else out is simple, I could not of got to when I am today without help; so its only natural to past on the help. When you first learn how to make jewelry and crafts it can be overwhelming at times so I created this site to combat those overwhelming issues.  Please feel free to comment on anything on this site if you have any questions or concerns.



What our goal here at is make fine handmade  jewelry and crafts from the beautiful islands of Hawaii and make it available to the world, we also want to spread our knowledge of the jewelry and craft making process and to make buying of  materials easy and inexpensive as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please comment below.

Mahalo and ALOHA

Tanya Louvier

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